IPsoft AI Innovators Evening

Digital Workforce Seminar

Monday 6 November 6pm, Convent Dels Angels, Barcelona

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Securing competitive advantage in the age of AI

The competitive landscape is about to change. Within five years the make-up of the workforce will be entirely different to the one we see today. The productivity benchmarks that set market leaders apart from the stragglers will be set at new levels. The bar for customer service will be higher than we have ever seen it before.

We are living in an age of hyper-intelligence in which human understanding is expanding exponentially. Aided and fuelled by the systems we have to complement our capabilities, we are approaching a watershed moment in our evolution. We can search and uncover insights that were previously too obscure for us to even imagine. In the blink of an eye, we can bring together a constellation of data points and transform them into actionable positive decisions. We are mastering a new labor force of dependable digital colleagues and freeing ourselves from the inherent physical constraints of our bodies and minds. This hyper-intelligent age allows us to open up a new chapter in our evolution and leave behind the slavish, repetitive chores that have dominated desk-bound roles for the past 60 years.

Are you ready to lead your organization into the era of AI?

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6:00pm, Monday 6th November 2017


Convent Dels Àngels

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